Five Reasons Users Hate Your Mobile App

You build an app with a lot of love and want to keep it close to the heart of your audience. But, even when you try to make the most of it, things may happen against your luck. There should be some reason to it and you need to find those in time.

Here are the most important reasons on why your app fails to impress your audiences:

1. Push Notifications

Smartphones are emerging as first of things to pass on a message to users. And to keep them engaged, most businesses opt to send notifications from time to time. Of these businesses, some of them choose to send notifications at a high frequency which leaves a bad impact and irritates the recipients. It is important to maintain an ideal gap and plan push notifications not to annoy users or you will end up getting barred by a large chunk of audiences. Which you don’t want right?

2. Pleading for likes and reviews

Do you have a friend who asks you to like their photos and posts on Facebook? Don’t you find it irritating? Yeah! Similarly, any mobile app that asks its users to leave a positive review and beg them for likes and shares, is a real turnoff. Don’t be that app. If you want your app to be liked by your audiences, engage them organically, reward them fairly, communicate to impress, and allow them to return a favor instead. Don’t plead for likes and reviews.

3. Boxed replica of a website

Your app can be anything but a copy of your website. No user would expect your app to deliver the same stuff as the web counterpart of it does, or they would instead prefer a mobile version of your website. Whether it’s a food ordering facility or a social chat channel, allow it all the features that mobile platforms support and go with a minimalistic approach with UI to make it live an app life and not something it doesn’t belong to.

4. Good looks but tough to handle

It’s not just about how beautifully it is built. It should be receptive and must be communicating well with users. A good app always finds a way to engage the user in a no-brainer way and is smooth to navigate and interact. If the feel of your app is not doing enough to keep users happy and moving, you are not going to win it all. The design elements and presentation scheme used in the app should go consistently and concurrently for both look and feel to effectively cater to the user experience.

5. Battery hogging

Smartphones are already being tried and tested time and again for battery life. If your app is not living up-to that expectation and is not behaving friendly with the device’s battery and consuming up a lot of it, you are not going to last long. No matter how important your app is or how well it is conceived, if it drains a lot of battery and compromises with the user’s need to have a battery-friendly app, you are going to be hated and eventually disowned for this.

Final words:

If you think your app is important to you and want to win it big with your audiences, try not to do these mistakes. For those who already have an app built and not doing good with the audiences, try to diagnose which of these points it is and try to fix it up to avoid the undesirable results. Power to you!

Tushar Vijay

With his years of experience working across the expanse of offshore web development, Tushar brings along decent knowledge and insights over offshore hiring with his diverse writing pieces – covering different stints, resources and ideas to help you keep close with trends and traits of the offshores.