Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises

Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises
Creating mobile apps is a very complex task, not just in terms of the myriad of technologies involved but also the scale at which they have to be implemented with utmost precision. While this stands true for both consumer-facing as well as enterprise applications, the risks involved are fairly... Read More

5 Machine Learning Frameworks for Creating Intelligent Apps

Machine Learning Frameworks for developing apps
Even the most casual followers of technology have realized by now that AI is rapidly expanding to all domains of technology, and mobile applications are perhaps the first ones to be invaded. The latest trend is that regardless of the coolest and most elaborate features, your app is irrelevant... Read More

Important Tips for Creating IoT Applications

creating IoT Applications
Yes, you heard it right. IoT devices have outnumbered mobile devices and computers combined and are expected to reach anywhere in the range of 30-50 billion by 2020. From security cameras to thermostats to speakers (even toasters), these devices have virtually invaded every public and private space and thus,... Read More

How to Get Your Staff Onboard with Your New App

How to Get Your Staff Onboard with Your New App
Getting an app developed is a very elaborate and complex process that takes endless cycles of planning, dedication and technical efficiency but even such endeavors aren’t nearly enough to make an app successful. Whether it’s an in-house enterprise application or something that you will be projecting to the larger... Read More

How Joomla Web Development Services Improve Your Business?

How Joomla Web Development Services Improve Your Business
Technologies these days aren’t merely a tool for convenience or for a broader reach-out, but a way for businesses to reflect themselves on their existing and potential customers. As much as businesses transform technologies to meet their needs, technologies leave their lasting impact on businesses. How do you think... Read More

Why Considering PHP for Enterprise App Development is a Good Idea

Why Considering PHP for Enterprise App Development is a Good Idea
Clients in this fast-paced world demand projects to be completed quickly. Whether it’s a medium-scale enterprise or an organization of more than a thousand employees, each of them is looking for quick yet effective solutions. Broadly speaking, enterprise apps are dynamic, secure and scalable that are required to meet... Read More

How to Increase Efficiency in Your Logistics Company using Mobile Technologies

How to Increase Efficiency in Logistics Business using using Mobile Technologies
It won’t be an overstatement if we call logistics and mobile solutions a match made in heaven. Logistics, on one hand, has a wide range of operational components spread over different geographical regions while mobility, on the other hand, is built from the ground up to mitigate those same... Read More

Reliable Tips to Boost Your Web App Speed

Tips to Boost Your Web App Speed
Today with customers having every possible service at their fingertips, patience is nowhere to be found. Especially, when you consider reports like 40% of the users abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load It becomes evident that while features and interface bring in more... Read More

Why Your Employees Need to Be in Control in A Mobile World

employee management to control employee in mobile world
Traditionally, office environment has been designed on a rigid architecture where despite having varying specialties, all the employees are provided with basically the same gear. Though that worked well in those times when technology wasn’t a thing, employees accessed computers only in the office, and consequently IT department had... Read More

How to Use Cloud Solutions for Business to Save Time and Money

Cloud Solutions for Businesses to save time and money
If you take a look at the prevailing industries, you can’t possibly find one successful business of any scale that doesn’t employ cloud services at some stage of their business operation. Though the technology itself is relatively new, it has been immensely disruptive and transformed the shape of how... Read More