Everything You Need to Know About Agile Transformation

Everything You Need to Know About Agile Transformation
Agile transformation is one of the most misrepresented and possibly underestimated terms in the software development procedure. For starters, it is not a technology or a tool for the developers to deploy, but a shift in method those existing tools are technologies are exploited for higher efficiency and better... Read More

Laravel vs Symfony vs Yii: What is The Best PHP Framework?

Laravel vs Symfony vs Yii - best PHP framework
Having a good tool is the first prerequisite to having a good product. So, if you want a quality web application, find here what framework to choose. PHP is considered the de-facto language for web development, especially if you want the application to be highly scalable and deliver an... Read More

Top 5 Latest Enterprise App Development Trends

top enterprise app development trends
App development in itself stands on the ever-shifting ground of technology, which is known to take entirely new shape every few years. And since most of the businesses today rely on one app or another for most of their business operations, enterprise application development too has been constantly evolving... Read More

5 Security Strategies You Need to Know When Employees Work Remotely

Security Strategies Remotely employees
One of the most significant benefits of internet is the new-found ability it has provided to businesses that enable them to create a decentralized architecture where the employers and employees are no longer bound by geographical constraints. This not only enables the enterprises to hire a developer from halfway... Read More

Mobile App Ideas to Improve Your Transportation Services

transportation mobile app development services
Though mobile apps were initially created to provide smartphone users with entertainment options, they have long outgrown the role and have become an indispensable component of enterprises to help them better manage and streamline business operations. Ask any mobile app development agency, and they will tell you that how... Read More

How to Pick the Target Audience for an eCommerce Store

how to pick the target audience for an eCommerce store
E-commerce, besides being a massive industry with over $2 trillion in annual revenues and double-digit growth, is also one of the most influential ones around. With eCommerce platforms available for almost every product and service, the challenge that businesses face isn’t anymore about digitation or customer-experience but taking those... Read More

Android Vitals is here to Boost App Engagement

Android Vitals to Boost App Engagement
At Google I/O 2017 event, the company made an announcement that got overshadowed by other news of Android updates and features and consequently gained little or no media coverage- the launch of Android Vitals dashboard. And while this new feature may not be immediately much valuable to the users,... Read More

Quick Tips to Build Successful App for Your Business

Last decade proved highly engrossing for digital media and online platforms and made a large impact count for people in business. We saw technologies beaming high and offering us plans and solutions to find new ways to connect with users, process ideas, utilize information, enrich reporting techniques, channelize resources,... Read More

How You Can Make Mobile Apps Futuristically Marketable

mobile apps marketing approaches
It’s all about how you keep up with the time to be up and moving with your users. And when it comes to mobile apps you need to think even fast transformations with regular provisioning and frequent updates. Your mobile app should be thinking from all the perspectives of... Read More

Cost Analysis for Hiring Freelance vs. In-House Software Developers

Freelance vs. In-House Software Developers
Software development is not simple as it seems. Unlike other industries, there are no supply chains or raw materials to manage, but only the workforce is the nucleus around which all business prospects revolve. And since software developers are valuable assets, the dilemma that companies often face is whether... Read More