Progressive Web Apps- The Next Mobile Experience

future of progressive web apps
There is hardly any service today that isn’t available online. And if it is available online, it is almost certain that there is an app for that. If you look from the business perspective, businesses with apps get large userbase to whom they can cater their services, while the... Read More

4 Things to Consider Bore Employing Remote and Mobile Workforce

Remote and Mobile Workforce
While the internet has been around for a while, the recent developments in cloud services, mobile applications, and related security measures have virtually brought down the barriers of office space and created a new domain of offshore developers or remote workforce. On one hand, while this enables businesses to... Read More

How to Reduce the App Size for iOS and Android

How to Reduce the App Size for iOS and Android
On an average, a smartphone user today uses around 30 applications with the total number of apps installed on their phone skewing as high as 80 in some markets. And though technology in the recent years has immensely scaled up the amount of memory that mobile devices have while... Read More

Why Should You Migrate to Amazon Web Services

Migrate to Amazon Web Services
Though Cloud services are relatively a new dimension of the digital space, they have already transformed business architectures across industries by penetrating deep into their operations and maintenance. The extent of this explosion can be grasped from the fact that you can’t possibly name one successful enterprise, either large... Read More