Modern business checklist for selecting offshore development company

Every business, regardless of the industry, showcases unique financial strengths. However, each of them also seeks maximum cost savings without compromising the quality of the process. This is especially true when they are looking for web development agencies. Offshore web development companies have been helping businesses across the globe improve their efficiency, profitability and achieve cost savings without having to hire an IT department in their own premises. As compared to in-house development, offshore web development service providers offer higher standards in infrastructure, telecommunication and integration. The best part is that there are hundreds of such companies that one can choose from, and each comes with a different mix of skills, expertise and work-rate.

While offshore web development is the way to go, it also brings in the problem with choice. After all, just choosing to go with an offshore company doesn’t guarantee that you will get the best services. Well, here’s a checklist that should help you choose the best in business.

1. Find out who you will be working with

It could be a complete establishment or a single freelancer who is offering his services. Depending on the type and amount of work, you should choose your pick. In most cases, however, hiring a team of experts will be more effective if you are looking to disperse bigger workload and want a deadline to stick to. Also, working with a web development agency will guarantee you the services of several experts with different IT skills and expertise – web designing, back end / front end development, project management, quality assurance, and others.

Freelancers are great only if you have limited work and aren’t looking to build a long-term work relationship.

2. Cross-check the experience of the developer(s)

It is mandatory that you should ensure that the offshore web development agency you work with has the relevant experience in the field. Ideally, the company should have experience working in similar projects as yours and has the portfolio to show it. In some cases, you will also need to cross check the experience by seeking first-hand feedback from their clients.

3. Communication on mark

Communication becomes highly important if you are working with an offshore company. Discuss the communication channels that will be used to discuss the work and guarantee a smooth process. The ideal company should be prompt and you should have the means to reach out any time you like.

4. Credibility and credentials

Credibility constitutes several elements that highlight the reputation of the offshore web development company. The first step here is to check their website and that everything is in the right place. The business should have valid contact information, offer complete details of their services and should have real testimonials from clients. Credibility will also include the affiliations and certifications that the web development company has. When it comes to web designing and development, there are several kinds of certifications that are accepted globally.

5. It shouldn’t sound too good to be true

Finally, your work relationship with the offshore web development company should be built on quality. There are several developers who will promise the moon just to secure the project and there are others who underestimate the workload and are okay with any kind of deadline. That shouldn’t be the case. A reputed and professional web development agency will always be able to bestow confidence in their process without promising wishful thinking.

Though offshore web development process is supposed to minimize your investment, you should ensure that the quality of the work isn’t compromised. Research well, ask around and you should be able to find your ideal partner for the job.

Tushar Vijay

With his years of experience working across the expanse of offshore web development, Tushar brings along decent knowledge and insights over offshore hiring with his diverse writing pieces – covering different stints, resources and ideas to help you keep close with trends and traits of the offshores.