5 Reasons How Artificial Intelligence Can Enrich Website Development

artificial intelligence in website development
At a time when internet technology has been rapidly evolving, web development seems to have gone out of the loop. If we put aside the graphical features and improvements in the server response, website development has remained the same over the last decade. Now, here is the problem- while... Read More

Why You Should Consider App Redesign to Increase Conversion Rate

Why You Should Consider App Redesign
Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms and is also seen as one of the most innovative ones. It keeps introducing cool new features and has recently gone through a complete redesign- the first since its initial release in 2011. Why are we talking about Snapchat? Well, recently... Read More

How Blockchain Is Crucial For E-Commerce Security

Blockchain in ecommerce security
As the retail industry falters with the rise of online space, eCommerce has emerged as the biggest beneficiary. In fact, some outlets like Business Insider has termed it the ‘retail apocalypse.’ Except for one major difference- eCommerce is a very peculiar business, with a much different business model than... Read More

Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises

Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises
Creating mobile apps is a very complex task, not just in terms of the myriad of technologies involved but also the scale at which they have to be implemented with utmost precision. While this stands true for both consumer-facing as well as enterprise applications, the risks involved are fairly... Read More

5 Machine Learning Frameworks for Creating Intelligent Apps

Machine Learning Frameworks for developing apps
Even the most casual followers of technology have realized by now that AI is rapidly expanding to all domains of technology, and mobile applications are perhaps the first ones to be invaded. The latest trend is that regardless of the coolest and most elaborate features, your app is irrelevant... Read More

Important Tips for Creating IoT Applications

creating IoT Applications
Yes, you heard it right. IoT devices have outnumbered mobile devices and computers combined and are expected to reach anywhere in the range of 30-50 billion by 2020. From security cameras to thermostats to speakers (even toasters), these devices have virtually invaded every public and private space and thus,... Read More