5 Ways to Reduce App Development Costs

As a business, you always prefer to follow practices that help you maximize returns acquiring best of monetary gains. All efforts you put in and the ideas you invest aim at building a prominent user base to help you claim a sustainable revenue stream. As it’s all about earning more profits and curtailing cost in the end.

Though it seems more lucrative and resourceful to explore more ways to mint money and channelize profits to your venture as firsts of things, it’s always more gainful to commit to a way that helps you minimize cost to scale up your vitality and strength to reach higher profit goals.

So, no matter how well you design and devise your RoI plan, if you are not able to control the cost of app development you may just fail to reach your goal right.

To that, here are the 5significant ways you should allow yourself cost-effective app development:

1. Do a proper requirement analysis

It’s all about how you analyze the project that decides how compliantly it would respond to your cost planning. Requirement analysis should involve outlining the entire framework of development and building the roadmap based on the scope of the project from inception to completion. This allows you to categorize your project into different phases, milestones,and deliverables and assigning different resources and efforts to them. This way you would be knowing how to assign tasks and responsibilities optimally and allocate resources well throughout the course of development – being able to exercise great control over the cost of the project.

2. Select the developer wisely

Here, you need to check on the fact that the developer you are hiring is all equipped and experienced to serve you with your app development needs. Never shortlist your developers based on the fees they charge. Look at their portfolio and the credentials they have gained working over a period of time serving other customers (preferably on similar projects). Once you are convinced with their skills and ability you should take it to the numbers. Just stay away from those who sound too good to be true and those making too alluring offers – as it may cost you heavily in the long run. So, be wise while you select the developer!

3. Iterative development

In the iterative development approach, Agile methodology is followed to split up the project into smaller, manageable parts to be implemented and processed in practicable Sprints. With this approach, you can avoid implementing all the initially planned features at once and allow it a streamlined method of action (unlike traditional approach which makes the process congested and sluggish). Working with strategically sequenced and selective set of features and modules separately can make the process more proficient and quick and allow you to develop, test and deploy it more efficiently, thus saving a lot of time and money.

4. Go for ready-made solutions

When you are looking to reduce your app development cost, it is always a good idea to go with off-the-rack solutions. Instead of building a complete solution by yourself you can simply subscribe to SaaS models and choose to have pre-built templates and plug-ins to be integrated to your product-build and serve you with a reaching solution. Further, there are different functionalities and services (like map, payment and chat) that can be synced to your app to scale up the facility. However, using these wisely and in watchful limits is suggested to keep it working well with your app

5. Cross-Platform development

Cross-platform app development can be a great way to choose not to spend much on mobile app development while you plan to reach most users. However, it doesn’t fit well in many cases where you need to deal with native interfaces and gadget functionalities and should not be offering the quality you otherwise get to see with the native development. But, in all, if you are fine having something that does decently well across all platforms and just by customizing your app a bit with individual platform requirements you achieve that fine level of reception and value, it makes a great deal!

These cost-cutting measures are tried and tested by ventures planning to innovate and start-ups looking to expand within their niche.Try using one or more of these ways to discover how you can actually bring down the cost of developing an app. Contact our experts to help you out with more on cost-savings on your app!

Tushar Vijay

With his years of experience working across the expanse of offshore web development, Tushar brings along decent knowledge and insights over offshore hiring with his diverse writing pieces – covering different stints, resources and ideas to help you keep close with trends and traits of the offshores.