How to Increase Efficiency in Your Logistics Company using Mobile Technologies

How to Increase Efficiency in Logistics Business using using Mobile Technologies

It won’t be an overstatement if we call logistics and mobile solutions a match made in heaven. Logistics, on one hand, has a wide range of operational components spread over different geographical regions while mobility, on the other hand, is built from the ground up to mitigate those same challenges with minimal infrastructural needs.

Logistics companies have lately realized this fact and that is the reason they have adopted mobile technologies as the underlying backbone for each of their operations to push productivity and efficiency. Let’s take a look at how:

Logistics can be broadly categorized into four parts; each of which employs mobile technologies in their own particular way to exploit its benefits-


Warehouses are at the core of any logistic business and inefficiency at this level ripples through entire logistics business and often creates bottlenecks. To get things done faster, you can take one of the two possible routes- hire a large number of employees or automate everything that you can. If you take the first option, not only do they add to the cost and management overheads, but may also lead to possible confusion.

Whereas automation may come with an initial cost overhead but is more than compensated with the productivity it brings. Inventory management, tracking packages, managing import and export supplies, creating frequent backup of records, among many others are just some of the operations where mobile technologies can bring efficiency.

Fleet management

If warehouses are the core, fleets are definitely the lifeline of every logistics business. With so many moving components, it’s always a challenging task to keep track of them all. But with mobile solutions in place, the businesses can easily manage even the largest of fleets with detailed information about is location and health.

Generally integrated with the onboard diagnostic system of vehicles, these mobile solutions can be used to communicate and manage every component of the fleet with convenience and accuracy. Be it the number of stops the driver took or if they drove rashly or if there is any unusual traffic on the route, every aspect can be remotely monitored, and pre-preemptive measures can be taken to improve efficiency.

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Last-mile delivery

This is actually the only part of logistics business that most people ever witness and is also one of the most intricates one. Navigating around the city to find every particular address and taking routes to minimize delivery time isn’t an easy task. So, logistics companies now deploy mobile apps for their delivery agents to aid them in navigation, update the status of deliveries in real-time and much more. Those app developers can easily integrate any kind of functionality that you believe will better streamline your operations and push efficiency.

Customer-oriented applications

Like any other business, keeping customers satisfied and happy is a prerequisite for success in logistics business as well. To bring efficiency to customer service and support, most of the leading businesses deploy solutions from mobile application development companies sync their internal operations and customer interface. This enables customers to track their shipment in real time, register complaints and make any special requests that can be handled in real-time by operational teams. Such transparency, along with providing customer satisfaction, also ensures that there is no effort overlaps thus, leading to higher productivity. For instance, if the customer on their app requests a shipment to deliver a day later than scheduled, the time and effort of one doorstep delivery will be saved.

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