Web Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Web Development Trends

Until a few years ago web applications were facing a kind of existential crisis. Amid all the buzz surrounding mobile apps and mobile-first strategy, many people genuinely believed that web development wasn’t just downmarket but soon might become redundant. And to be fair, they had reasonably good arguments. Except for better interface, the web had hardly evolved since its inception.

But in the last years, it has had many new features and improvements making it more appealing than ever. And we aren’t just talking about eCommerce or video streaming but there have been numerous snippets of changes that together are looking to create web 3.0. And though we aren’t going to talk about everything, here just a few web development trends you may want to watch out in 2019:

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)

Mobile apps have been eating into the market of web applications ever since their inception but now for the first time, web development is finally starting to push back. If you don’t already know what PWAs are, here is a quick overview: they are web applications built using web development tools like JavaScript and CSS but look and feel exactly like mobile apps. That is, instead of having to be downloaded by app stores, these apps are kind of bookmarked to the home screen. This way, they offer the convenience and features of mobile apps while maintaining the simplicity of web apps.

Google has been pushing for PWAs for quite a while and recently iOS too has released support for PWAs, putting it in a sweet spot for exponential growth this year. Already, some of the most popular apps like Uber and Tinder offer the PWA versions of their apps and this is a trend that is only going to gain momentum in 2019.

Single page applications

We agree that single page apps aren’t a new phenomenon but 2019 is when they’ll witness the widest adoption. The reason is that as businesses move their functional features many to mobile apps, websites are largely meant only for informative purposes. And to deliver information, users should be directed to different tabs and pages- a single page with all the consolidated information is ideal.

Animations and multimedia

Animations and media with Flash used to be a key component of web applications during the 90s but then we moved towards elegance and minimalism. Guess what; they are coming back albeit with much better quality and taste. The trend has already started and as we move further into 2019, we can expect web development services to deploy more of these features.

Crypto and Blockchain

Now, this is something that can be a big hit or a dud. 2018 saw a lot of activity in crypto-related applications with countless numbers of wallets and exchanges mushrooming all over the globe. But owing to regulatory hurdles, they are currently in a wait-and-see mode. If 2019 brings some favorable regulations, expect a massive boom in this segment otherwise we’ll have to just focus on something else.

Final remarks

Apart from all that we have mentioned, there are other honorary mentions like the impact of PHP 7, JavaScript, the trends towards, adaptability, and many more. One possible downside of these trends is that we might witness the web development cost again starting to rise but given the added value they promise to deliver, it would be totally worth it.

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