Custom HR & Employee Management App: Enterprises must Deploy to Solve These Problems

Custom HR & Employee Management App_ Enterprises must Deploy to Solve These Problems

The advent of mobility hasn’t just changed the way we connect, shop, and entertain, but also how we work. As transformative as it has been in the consumer space- something we all witness everywhere, it has quietly overhauled the business domain as well. You can hardly find any enterprise that doesn’t deploy mobility solution in any of its operations. From project management and expense tracking to organizational communication and human resources, everything is now handled via enterprise solutions.

The last one in particular- the human resources, is the latest to join the league. And has many businesses have realized, building enterprise solutions for Human Resources has as much to add to the organizational efficiency as any other operation. If you still haven’t tried such solutions for your company, here are some of the key challenges that they can easily solve:


Talent acquisition is one of the critical tasks of HR that drains considerable time and resources. And if any enterprise operates in a popular domain, its HR is bound to be swamped with CVs, from which finding the right talent remains a challenging task. While there is no perfect solution to this problem, many large companies use automated solutions that sort and filter through all CVs by taking into account organizational needs.

This cuts down the manual time and efforts that HR person would have to invest and thus improves the overall quality of hiring. Not only is this a one-time benefit, but adds up over time to offer exponential returns.

Billing and paycheques

Billing and releasing paychecks is another key task of HR that not only is time-consuming but has little or no room for any mistakes. Enterprise solutions can easily be deployed for this task that imports working hours of employees from the attendance system and generates paycheques in minimum time and without errors- immensely saving on organizational resources.

Tracking productivity

Most of the enterprises already use some kind of project management tool- which obviously contributes to the efficiency of individual projects but with proper modifications, they can also be used to track the productivity of all employees. This would help HR build more accurate performance reports and make informed decisions while negotiating with employees.

Attendance & remuneration

Just like billing, calculating and disbursing remunerations is a very time-consuming process, especially if there are offsite jobs involved. While most of the enterprises use some kind of attendance management system, having an enterprise mobility solution where offsite employees can remotely register their attendance and expenses can drastically streamline the process and add much-needed transparency. With features like real-time location and time-stamps, not only would improve accuracy but also eliminate any scope of dubious claims.


Any HR executive that controls a large pool of resources is well-aware of how challenging it is to maintain effective communication with them all. Plus the fact that they can get discontent and even leave at the slightest whiff of alienation further makes this task critical.

To solve this problem, enterprises can build a communication app where employees can generate tickets on their particular issue and schedule a

meet with the HR manager. This not only gives managers a channel to communicate with employees, but also track over time the issues that are most persistent, employees that are most discontent, and hence take preemptive measures to solve issues even before they occur.

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Closing remarks

Now depending on the precise needs and challenges any enterprise faces, they can choose to build an application with one or all of the above-mentioned features. A full-featured app, though might seem disruptive at first, would drastically add to efficiency and productivity in the long run. The option of hiring offshore developers to build such an app also means such solutions lie in the price bracket of even smaller enterprises.

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