Building an On-demand Food Delivery App like UberEats? Don’t Forget These 5 Features

Building an On-demand Food Delivery App like

The dramatic rise of mobility in the last few years has led to many innovations but perhaps the most visible of them has been the advent of on-demand services. Starting from booking cabs and hotels to ordering food and dog-walkers, there is hardly anything that you can’t get with just a few taps on your phone. The latest boom, as you may have experienced, is in the food delivery segment with apps like UberEats, Deliveroo, Zomato, and more expanding rapidly to acquire the nascent market.

If you too are looking to ride this wave or already have a food delivery app and wish to stay ahead of the competition, consider making these five features an integral part of your service. For the sake of relevance, we have left out rudimentary features like location detection or live tracking that are too obvious for such apps.

Clean interface

Why do you think restaurants obsess over ambiance? Or expert chefs emphasize on food garnishing? They don’t really serve any functional purpose but are deeply rooted in customer’s appetite. The same goes for your app as well. Take a look at any food delivery app like UberEats and you would find a clear correlation between their interface and popularity. UberEats itself is built on a minimalistic design approach with a clutter-free interface and a self-explanatory flow.

Original pictures

Now, this is something often overlooked by many food delivery apps but plays a vital role in customer experience and subsequent satisfaction. What many services do is that they use generic pictures of dishes in the app. This either confuses the consumers or they start expecting their food delivery to look exactly like the picture.

Yes, creating a catalog of all the dishes from all the restaurants may initially consume considerable time and resources but would more than compensate in the long run through improved customer satisfaction and lesser returns or refunds.

Payment variety

Most of the food orders are generally low-value transactions. Now the problem is, people don’t really like using cards for small-ticket purchases nor they carry around cash. So more than a feature, it’s a necessity for food delivery apps to have numerous payment options possibly coving all popular mobile wallets.

Curated meals

This is something you can start only after at least a few months of operations. If you use AI-enabled analytics tools, you can easily figure out the most popular dishes, demographics, areas, price-points, and then mix and match that information to offer highly curated deals and combos, it is guaranteed to drive up sales. And if you are comfortable operating in a high-volume low-value segment, you can also have a separate section for single-serving meals.

Order scheduling

Like most other services, food delivery too has its peak hours and down times. How you manage these two conditions would ultimately determine your efficiency. Most popular apps take a dual-prong approach to this problem- 1. Offer exclusive limited-time offers during the down times; 2. Offer order scheduling feature to improve productivity during peak hours. This way, not only customers get a better service but the delivery staff also is utilized optimally.

Beside all that we have discussed, there is also a slew of other non-negotiable features like live tracking, coupons, integrated support, and many more. Overall, building such full-featured apps requires the highest level of technical proficiency as well as strategic temperament. While source the technical expertise by hiring offshore developers, the business strategy is something you will have to figure out yourself.

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  • Also, I want to suggest to use the color since it’s more on food. My suggestion is use red in App to make the emotion of each people to crave the food. It is no necessary to make full red. Let’s leave to designer on how design the app with color red.