Beyond-Ordinary Methods for Finding Quality Developers

When you are looking to hire a developer there are a few predefined conventions that you normally go by. In general, you look for resources on job boards or platforms to hire a talent. But the problem with the regular approach is most of the people are trying to go with them, which makes it typically strewed and ungainly at times. Which makes the act of finding the right developer uncertain and tricky due to unavoidable congestion and plaguing of the process – most of the time if not always.

Well, here are a few off-road methods that will divert your way to a much sorted and handy hiring – at a bid of pace and cost you prefer. 

Hitting a Search on Google

We try the I-know-all Google for almost everything, then why not to help us with hiring a developer. Just punch those hiring keywords into the search bar and look for the highest ranked results (which are usually high on quality and relevance). You can compare them drilling down into reviews and information on their range and size of presence. Further, to learn more on hiring trends, plan a search around articles and blogs for hiring. Where? Google!

Tech Recruiters

Tech Recruiters are back in fashion. Way back when we had no job portals or online desks to provide help with hiring, we used to take help from job consultants. Now, you have only the niche skimmed roles prevailing. Those coming out from evolved hiring needs that can best be sorted with specialty-driven scope-oriented personalized consulting. So, if you want someone performing live gets you top talent closely interfacing with your needs, get going with a pro tech recruiter. 


Referrals are the most reliable and responsible of hiring methods. Referring to resources suggested by people you know and trust, you can dig into entire personality and history of a developer. Which is not possible going with the regular approach of assessing their knowledge and ability to work, through an interview. Hiring referrals can further be more effective when they come from seasoned professionals or the ones who closely know your needs.

Social Media

Social Media today is a place where things don’t wait to pour out.Numerous channels, countless users, endless activities – these digital playgrounds have changed the way communication plies and breeds. There are forums like LinkedIn solely dedicated to professionals. You have online blogs helping you out with hiring. Social platforms like Facebook have groups allowing you to connect with developers in your domain. Forget groups just post or tweet a message across your pack and you won’t be falling short of replies. 

Your Hiring Page

Most of the employers these days use their website to attract quality applications. Hiring page on your website can be utilized to list openings you have and pull responses to it. Here you can allow the candidates to fill details exactly as per your preferences to filter most relevant and focused information from them. This allows you to connect with an applicant who probably knows your company and job facts already– which prompts high chance of matching and conversion.

Job Fests

Organizing a tech fest at your facility or participating in a job fair could be a great way of hiring quality developers. This will let you interview and compare a range of techies in a row and give you a certain idea of job market and overall tech trends in your area. You can have a better check on quality, interacting with a number of profiles. Besides, you get to interact with hiring professionals from the industry, which allows you a great way to open up to newer-better ways of recruitment – letting you achieve a higher mark of quality with hiring.

Tushar Vijay

With his years of experience working across the expanse of offshore web development, Tushar brings along decent knowledge and insights over offshore hiring with his diverse writing pieces – covering different stints, resources and ideas to help you keep close with trends and traits of the offshores.