5 Reasons How Artificial Intelligence Can Enrich Website Development

artificial intelligence in website development

At a time when internet technology has been rapidly evolving, web development seems to have gone out of the loop. If we put aside the graphical features and improvements in the server response, website development has remained the same over the last decade. Now, here is the problem- while websites aren’t evolving much, the consumer’s behavior is changing at a faster rate.

Using online services is primitive- everyone does it, what appeals to them now is not the services but the experience of it. After all, it’s not like Google’s search results are inherently better than those of Bing or that Amazon’s services are absolutely perfect. These services are leaders in their respective domain not because what they do, after all, there is no dearth of search engines or eCommerce websites, but because how they do it, how they make users feel while doing it.

So, how do they do it? Artificial intelligence. While some believe the term has been overhyped, we are of the opinion that it’s underrated. Its usage is no longer limited to high-end sophisticated applications, but its benefits can be exploited by simple websites as well. All you need is competent web development services on your side able to incorporate such capabilities in your web application. If you aren’t sure, here are 5 concrete reasons to use AI on your website:

#1. Contextual search

Whether it’s out of habit or because they are too lazy to browse, people use ‘search tab’ a lot. given that most of the websites generally rely on keywords, the search results are kind of hit and miss. After all, if a user searches for “Jaguar”, the animal and the automobile are equally likely to be displayed. With the use of AI, however, the search turns into contextual search which before displaying results, tries to predict what exactly are users looking for through various information repositories, and accordingly optimizes the search results to be more relevant.

#2. Seamless interaction

No matter how neat interface and seamless user experience a web application delivers, there are users who ought to get confused. While keeping a dedicated support staff may not be a feasible option for small businesses, integrating a chatbot can solve many of the problems. There are already bots available that can easily handle most of the common queries and if you want, can be trained to do more.

#3. Personalized experience

The expectations of users from online services have gone through the roof in the recent times. While improving services beyond a certain point is simply not feasible, making those services tailored for particular customers can bring about a major change. Be it through push notifications for personized interests, prioritizing different services for different users or even tweaking the layout, all these AI-driven improvements are known to keep users interested and enhance satisfaction.

#4. Improved relevance

Many of the websites today arrange their content on the fly. Depending on the past interests of users, websites can easily twist their content to better match their expectation. From tuning the price of products to deploying machine learning-enabled recommendation engine and more, there are many different approaches through which AI enriches the experience of users while driving up the sales for businesses.

#5. Better Analytics

AI isn’t just about creating a unique experience for your users and improving the functionality but can also spell the future of your web application. Most of the websites already track the user behavior on various metrics that when analyzed via proper AI and ML tools, can deliver valuable insights into the health of the overall business.

Additionally, the information gained at this point can be used as a feedback to implement measures in earlier steps- personalization and relevance. If you know that most of your customers purchasing a particular phone also purchase a memory card at a later date, you can show that product as a targeted advertisement or better, as a recommendation.

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