10 Compelling Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Web Development Project


No matter which domain it is, these days organizations are looking to make an impact online. More and more websites and apps are coming in to help them build their digital identity and function in an automated manner. And businesses want to have the best of solutions to outdo the fierce competition in their space. In this attempt, they look to have best of technology support with them. And this is when you start thinking AngularJS.

Well, here are the 10 compelling reasons why you should choose AngularJS as your next web development project:

Huge Community

AngularJS owns a huge community of members who incessantly contribute to the platform to grow. It includes both core development team and the users who take part in fixing and improving resources in the open source framework. There are many conferences and community meetings held every year to discuss and promote AngularJS and that largely makes for the fact that it is celebrated by a large community of users and aspirants.

MVC Architecture

The use of MVC architecture makes for another good reason to choose AngularJS for your next development project. Being an MVC driven architecture means your project is split into three simpler parts to be accessed and managed really easily and dependably. In MVC architecture M stands for Model that maintains the data, and V is the View that displays the data and C is Controller that connects View and Model and makes them deliver seamlessly.

Declarative code style

Anything that is declarative in this context is used to create patterns and helps in making the codes more controllable and easy to handle. This paradigm further makes it easier to support and read as it reduces the redundancy and doesn’t repeat steps and only stresses on showing the final results.

Two-way data binding

This is another very important aspect of AngularJS as an open-source platform. By using two-way data binding it allows UI to immediately influence application objects. When the framework meets different browser events, and module alters and user acts on the page, it instantly updates the corresponding patterns. Here, the results can be described simply with the model state terms and there’s no need to use low-level constructions.

Using directives

AngularJS uses HTML as its pattern language and is extended with directives which are used to go with and direct the codes with necessary behavior. With these directives, you can focus on creating logics which further makes you work more productively. And reusing them can help you increase code readability – which is one of the most important aspects of quality coding.


POJO simply means Plain Old JavaScript Object. Every script used with AngularJS is POJO and that in a way means you don’t need to depend on any extra getter and setter functions. It offers you all the standard JavaScript functionalities to let you manipulate objects. Further, with this facility, you can even add or remove properties and loop over objects as per your wish.

Ready-made solutions

There are a lot of different allied ready-made solutions already available with AngularJS that allow you to perform different tasks and this makes it even better for those who seek off-the-rack approach towards their solution. As the framework doesn’t require you to follow stringent project structures, you can freely move ahead and form your own pattern of development – which further allows you to even build hybrid applications without a glitch or lag.

SPA-oriented features

AngularJS and SPAs invariably belong to each other. For instance, AngularJS offers form validation capabilities. Which means, if a form is used by a page, FormController writes down its state. Using the data, we retrieve from here,we can change the conduct of the HTML elements in the user interface. AngularJS has built-in validations to handle errors, but still, you can generate your own validations, if so needed.

Testing simplicity

The parts that are placed within AngularJS modules are easy to comprehend and manipulate. With module separation, you can add different services and elements and build an environment that helps in automated testing. And the one file – one module approach used by AngularJS further makes it really easy to remember the order of module loading and performance testing.

Client-Side Solution

AngularJS is famous as a client-side solution and works equally effectively with desktop and mobile browsers. The best part is, the technology can be used by any project as no backend modifications are needed. Therefore, you can develop a front-end for any project without worrying about the factors like reliability and security.

Summing up

AngularJS comes as a great choice if you look to develop your application through the JavaScript framework. It gets even better if you specifically want to approach the solution that allows you to present dynamic information and simplify navigation, building single page applications. Also, with the above-mentioned factors like testing simplicity, two-way data binding, huge community support and declarative code style, is becomes really a great choice to build web applications using AngularJS – which allows you a lot of security and affordability besides proving all sturdy and dependable for building a modern web solution you desire and deserve.

Tushar Vijay

With his years of experience working across the expanse of offshore web development, Tushar brings along decent knowledge and insights over offshore hiring with his diverse writing pieces – covering different stints, resources and ideas to help you keep close with trends and traits of the offshores.