Changes in web Development and Designing trends that will prevail in 2015

The year 2014 saw astonishing inventions in the sphere of wearables; now as we have stepped into another year, users are expecting to sense something new. Certainly, 2015 will by and large dedicate itself to, “Internet of Things”, but there will be changes in web and mobile app development as well. Check out how.”

Looking forward to 2015, there are various speculations in the IT world about the trends and changes that will take place in the web development world. With many designing and development trends fleeting away, there are some which will take place of the older ones. Moreover, with the rising trend of surfing net on small gadgets, like mobiles and tablets, the designers and developers consistently adapt their workflow to meet those dynamic changes that are taking place in web development and designing.

To discover which trends are going to emerge in 2015, check out the below given top trends that will prevail in 2015.

1. Parallax Scrolling

The parallax scrolling became popular in 2014, but was not the part of many websites. Today, parallax has become popular and prevails on several websites. The creative aspect that parallax scrolling bring to the website is the ability of being flexible and unique that can please your visitors with convenience and effectiveness. Parallax is largely used for storytelling and a single page website. This year is expected to continue with this trend and a flood of websites powered with parallax scrolling.

2. Client-side web apps and JavaScript

This web trend set off in the previous year, and is in trend this year as well. There are several benefits attached to build an app according to the client side technologies. The beneficial aspects of using client-side technology does not let the web developer learn an entirely new language, the deployment of the app also becomes a whole lot easier as it can be deployed as a set of static page on any server.

There are certainly some limitations while building on the client-side, but running an app solely on the client side is a burgeoning tendency that is going to be very popular in 2015, from small to medium sized apps. The alternatives of JavaScript, like Dart and CoffeeScript are also invading the market gradually, and are becoming immensely popular.

3. Increase in the 3D capabilities of modern browser

The professional and qualified developers have started to exploit the 3D capabilities of modern browsers. 2015 will be the year of transformation in  CSS3 3D, which is a mobile-friendly and easy method of providing 3D graphics. This year will witness impressive games, amazing apps, and presentations.

4. Drag and drop everything

The HTML native drag and drop brought new changes in the web development when it was launched. This year will see more of subtle and creative technologies, like greater touch devices, interactive and attractive infographics, and customizable layout.

5. Front-end framework

Front end frameworks have been very trendy in 2014, which they will continue to do in 2015 as well. It includes:

  1. 1. Bootstrap or Foundation- The front-end framework of choice
  2. 2. Testing server
  3. 3. Seamless integration with any platform
  4. 4. Task-runner
  5. 5. Dependency management
  6. 6. Easy deployment through command line or GUI


6. The HTML5 JavaScript API

Below are some amazing API’s:

  1. 1. Application Cache is a strong attribute that enable the web apps to behave more likely like native apps even offline by caching the whole app.
  2. 2. Web workers is another API that lets the complex and multiple JavaScript tasks to be performed at the same time.
  3. 3. The third API is an exciting alternative to AJAX. It is called as WebSockets, which is considered good for real time communication. The utilization of WebSockets should be increased for online gaming and live-chat.


These new API’s provide all kinds of amazing possibilities with some really exciting features. These have the potential to give their users, performance and functionality like native apps.


7. Growth of mCommerce

We know that e-commerce is consistently growing at an excellent rate, and has become an integral part of the retail and commerce world, but do you know that m-commerce is growing at an even greater pace, excellently . The growth in the usage of smartphones and tablets are the reasons behind this rise. The main goal of the m-commerce is to provide its audience an amazing shopping experience that well-suits the smaller screens as well.

The concept of responsive design and mobile-friendly experience have all become important, if seen from the perspective of business growth. Gradually, another trend can also be seen these days that websites which do not serve the masses using smartphones have a greater chance of losing a high number of potential customer. Optimizing your site for mobiles has become the need of the hour, and it also enhances customer engagement in your business.

These trends have been determined on the basis of the advancement and progress in the technological world. These are very few examples of what is going to happen in 2015. However, the year has just begun, and it would be interesting to see that which technological elevation will be accepted by the users and which will be rejected. Web Development Companies have also all set to embrace the new predominant things of the world of information and technology. The team of dedicated developers and designers adapt themselves easily with new challenges and perspectives as they believe that there is always a scope of improvement.

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