A Glimpse of PHP6 Features

PHP6PHP 6 seems to be an exciting release with lots of hype associated with it. Web designers and web developers want to know about its delay. On the internet and in the market, you are going to find lots of books on it. The reality is that php6 is not in the existence yet. There are lots of features which have been planned for the PHP 6. Here are the few benefits of PHP6 explained of the php6.

Good Points of PHP 6

> The probable features are better array indexing to enhance substring array and support  slicing that can be quite tedious on a very large data set in the PHP 5.3
> Improvements of performance to support the opcode page caching and developing of the alternative PHP cache into the center of the PHP to offer native appliance caching.
> UTF-8 Native support to the core power of the php6 offering internationalization to all the functions of the string and languages that are existing as APIs. This was a very huge job and this is the reason why it took four years to complete.
> It has better support for the gate and jump opcodes to send processing send code to particular labels, which are defined by the programmer as in Java, C, and C++ etc.
> Magic quotes are dropped completely from the production line of PHP.

These are the few features which PHP 6 is going to have. But you will have to wait for the PHP 6. There are plenty of reasons for the PHP 6 delay. The one reason for the delay is that the features meant for the PHP 6 has been implemented in the PHP 5.4 which was released in the year 2011.

PHP is being used by the developers and designers for a very long time creating a huge user base. But one downside is that it also has so many bad habits which lead to security holes and bad habits. But these habits are caused by the development. He is responsible because the developer is using it in the application. PHP 6 has great features and it is will be good for the developers to take full advantage of the PHP 6. Here are some of the advantages explained of the PHP 6:

Features of PHP 6

> It has the advantages such as in the PHP there was huge garbage left but in the PHP a clean up feature is present.
> It can improve MySql extension.
> It supports Unicode, so that the new version can easily handle all the languages worldwide. There are two huge removals which are registered global and magic quotes.
> The main benefit of PHP 6 is a namespace and has a variety of new functions.

These are the benefits of PHP6, which are included in the php6. These are the features which is not present in php5. It is being hoped that php6 is to be released soon, so that developers and designers can take full advantage of its features.


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